Ingenious accounting and finance

What is our commitment to you?
To provide a customized solution that suits your environment even in the most complex.

You are a start-up, Small and Medium-size Businesses, mid-cap company or the subsidiary of a international group?
You have raised funds or you are considering an Initial Public Offering?
You need assistance from an experienced, responsive, nimble and a relevant provider of high quality services for all your complex financial, accounting, tax and consolidation issues?
Agili 3f is at your side in every step of the process.

Specialized coaching and technical assistance on consolidation

Consolidation, international accounting standards, IPO (Small and Medium-size Businesses and mid-cap companies)

Accounting consolidation
Agili(3f) provides:

  • Management of your consolidation process by our teams using our accounting consolidation tools
    We provide an agile offer to fully or outsource the preparation of your consolidated accounts. You will benefit from a predetermined complete solution developed based on our innovative methods and tools.
  • Procedures directly performed by our consultants on your accounting consolidation tools
    Our team of consolidation consultants can provide internal support for your staff in preparing consolidated accounts. We assist you in organizing and implementing tools and procedures, with a possible transfer of knowledge and expertise. The goal is to provide you with a sustainable return on investment.
  • Cost accounting reporting
    We offer you a customized solution enabling you to outsource your reporting or benefit from our assistance in its preparation based on general accounting or other Corporate Social Responsability indicators.
  • Training teams from of the consolidation department teams
    Our consultants, who are specialized in the use of many consolidation tools, can train your teams to use them efficiently and adapt them to your accounting environment.

The benefit of Agili 3f? Experienced teams of consultants that are constantly monitoring accounting regulations and innovation.

Conversion to international standards (IFRS standards)

Agili(3f) provides:
Assistance in setting-up and implementing conversion projects
We are with you during the strategic stages of the project:

  • performing an IFRS diagnosis,
  • defining the schedule and key stages of the project,
  • producing complex technical analyses (IFRS 2, IFRS 16…),
  • accounting consolidation entries,
  • presenting accounts in accordance with IFRS to the finance department (and the audit committee, if required).

Assistance during Initial Public Offerings and fundraising

With its extensive experience in assisting based on its experience more than 20 companies with their IPO procedures over the last four years, Agili(3f) has developed strong expertise at your service.
Agili(3f) provides:
Committed to the success of your project, our consultants are able to support your organization in dealing with :

  • the IFRS conversion of financial statements,
  • the preparation of the Universal Registration Document (URD) financial chapters or base documents, and assistance with iXBRL coding,
  • managing relationship with statutory auditors, lawyers and other parties involved,
  • updating Universal Registration Documents and securities notes,
  • coordinating the project and all parties involved.

External audit required by laws

Statutory audit, a mission of general interest (all companies)

Committed to a mission of general interest, Agili(3f) teams strive to provide added value to directors by enabling them to benefit from their analyses and expertise gained from 20 years of experience in statutory auditing.

Agili(3f) is a stakeholder member within member registered with of the National Association of Statutory Auditors (Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes) and Regional Associations. A position that allows it to be as close as possible to the discussions and potential changes and current latest news of the profession assurance practice events of allowing in France (PACTE law and ALPE engagement).

Agili(3f) provides a specialized team in auditing techniques.
Agili(3f) also provides assistance with the following engagements:

  • contribution in kind auditor,
  • mergers auditor,
  • auditor for special benefits and advantages,
  • change in legal form auditor.

Accounting and tax services

Annual or interim financial closing
Entry of investors
External growth operations (start-ups, Small and Medium-sized Businesses and mid-cap companies)

Agili(3f) specialises in the field of growth businesses. It provides comprehensive support, adapted to the diversity of needs and constraints of start-ups, Small and Medium-size Businesses medium, mid-cap companies and subsidiaries of international groups. Even in the case of exceptional events.

Support for your annual or interim accounts closing
Agili(3f) provides:

  • organisation of “fast closed” and diagnosis of reorganization of the finance function department,
  • accounting outsourcing,
  • review of accounts,
  • preparation of annual returns (tax returns, appendices…),
  • tax consolidation.

Support with the entry of investors under fundraising schemes
Agili(3f) provides:

  • Teams that have in-depth knowledge of the requirements and expectations of investors in terms of financial reporting and presentation of financial accounts (equity, financial debts, EBITDA…). We provide you with this knowledge to enhance your financial data.

Advice for external growth operations
Agili(3f) provides:

  • Assistance as an interface and facilitator role with statutory auditors, as part of the external growth process.

Other services

Valuation and Business modelling, Corporate Social Responsibility advisory (all companies)

Valuation and Business modelling
You need to determine the fair value of an asset, of your company or a business within the context of buyout or the entry of investors? Our teams can assist you to perform: the assistance with

  • valuation and business modelling,
  • impairment tests on assets,
  • purchase price allocation.

You can also appoint us as contribution in kind auditor after ensuring the after to compliance with independence rules of the profession.

Not-for-profit sector
Agili(3f) provides:
Specific expertise, if you are involved in the not-for-profit economy in France or abroad, such as:

  • internal control review of international NGOs and national associations,
  • cost controlling of projects and financial reporting (European funds, FEDER, FSE, H2020…).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting
Agili(3f) provides:
Support, for businesses looking to sustainably create value through sharing, to meet stakeholder expectations and build long-term strategies.

  • diagnosis in order to prepare CSR audits and assistance with producing CSR reporting,
  • creating the documentary database required for audits, providing support for the Independent Third-party Body (CSR audit – report required by article 225-102-1 of the French commercial code) during the assignment.